Pongal Festival 2014 | A Famous Festival of Tamil Nadu

Pongal Festival 2014, A Famous Festival of Tamil Nadu

Pongal is a very famous festival of TamilNadu. Tamil people celebrate this harvest festival with full enthusiasm and enjoyment. Meaning of Pongal in Tamil is “boiling over” and spill over of milk in clay pot is a symbol of large quantity of material for the household. This festival is associated with thanksgiving to Sun God and farm animals that have helped in creating material abundance.

There is a saying in Tamil about the Pongal festival “Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum” which means “the commencement of Thai paves the way for new opportunities”. This festival is celebrated every year from January 13 -16. So it is a festival of three days.

First day of the festival is called as Bhogi Pongal which is associated with domestic activities. On this day, Lord Indra is worshiped to bring prosperity to the land. On this day, people clean their houses and make rangoli at front door of their house. They buy new clothes and gather at one place to celebrate the festival.

On the second day of the festival, worship of God Sun is done and the day is called as Surya Pongal. People pray to God Sun to get his benedictions. Third day of the festival is associated with the worship of farm animals like cow, bull, etc. People wash their cattle, paint their horns and give them Pongal dishes. This day is called as Mattu Pongal.

Fourth day of the festival is a day for excursions and is also called as Kanu Pongal. On this day, girls place colored balls of cooked rice in open air for birds and crows. With each ball of rice, a sister prays for the happiness of her brothers.

People make so many special dishes in clay pots and they use stones and wood as fuel to make these dishes. Hope that in 2014 also people will celebrate Pongal on the decided date of January month with full passion.

Pongal 2015 SMS and Messages

Happy Pongal SMS and Messages

Pongal thirunaalum,
Thalaipongal thirunalum,
Pongivarum pongal pola
Engum pongattum magizhchi
Iniya pongal nalvaazhthukkal!


Happy Pongal to all!
We thank sun for burning himself to save us.
We thank plants sacrificing their life for us.
And we thank all the creatures helping us
to live in this world for some time.


Pot Rice to Sun
God Sugarcane to cow and ox
Sweet rise to you and me
Good milk to friends and family”
Happy Pongal.


Red sugar cane and saffron aplenty,
Flood of happiness to sweep our country.
Rise, rise milk rice – bring smile
to the face of the poor, so rise milk rice.


Hope you rejoice in the
charm of your tradition!
Wish you & your family
a very Happy Bogi Pongal,
Pongal, Mattu Pongal!


May Goddess Parvati shower her blessings,
May Lord Ganesha gives his praisings,
so that we can harvest every year with more yields
and our cattle always help us in the field.
Happy Pongal – Mattu Pongal to everyone!