Karva Chauth 2013, A Festival For Married Hindu Woman

Karva Chauth 2013, A Festival For Married Hindu Woman

Karva Chauth is an Indian festival celebrated by married Hindu women with full enthusiasm and joy. Meaning of word ‘Karva’ is an earthen pot with a spout and meaning of word ‘Chauth’ is the fourth day of month. Hence the name of festival is ‘Karva Chauth’. On this day married Hindu women observe fast and pray for the well-being and prosperity of their husbands. This festival comes around nine days before diwali on Kartik Chauth in the month of October or November. It is believed to be the very important fast in North India. It is a tough fast as some women don’t drink even water for the whole day.

On the day of Karva Chauth, married women wake up early in the morning. After taking bath they worship Goddess Parvati for long lives of their husbands. Then their mother-in-laws give them sumptuous meal called as ‘Sargi’. The fast starts before sunrise and ends after worshiping the moon in night. After ‘Sargi’, women don’t take even water or any other liquid for the whole day. In the day, married women give a basket full of goodies called ‘baya’ to their mother-in-laws. In evening, women gather in a temple or someone’s house and perform puja. They get dress up very elegantly in special clothes usually a saari or red or pink color. After that they follow all the traditions of puja related to Karva Chauth. It is a real joy to perform this puja. After completing puja, women take blessings of all the elder women.

In night, after seeing the moon, women break their fast and have food. It is also a tradition at some places to break the fast by hands of husbands. So, it increases love between husbands and wives. So, Karva Chauth is a very joyful festival celebrated by both husbands and wives.

Karva Chauth 2013 Date: Tuesday, 22 October

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