Nine Colours of Navratri 2013

Nine Colours of Navratri 2013

Navratri is a special occasion where Goddess Durga is worshipped along with nine of her avatars. Navratri is a sacred occasion, where for nine nights the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped and the devotees of Goddess Durga dress in nine different colours throughout the nine nights.

Although the colours of Navratri remain the same every year, the colour associated with the dates differs every year. The Nine colours of Navratri are – Yellow, Sky Blue, Pink, Parrot Green, Grey, Ink Blue, Orange, Royal Blue and Green, and on the day of Vijaya Dashami the colour is common, that is Red.

The colours of Navratri are usually published in the local newspapers a few days before the Navratri. The women and men have to be dressed is the colours listed for each particular day, and even the Idol of Goddess Durga is draped in a similar colour saree, that is associated with that night of Navratri.

In 2012 the Nine colors was:

The nine nights of Navratri 2013 begin on the Saturday, 5th of October and will continue for 9 days until Monday, 14h of October and the nine colours of Navratri will be listed in your local newspaper a few days before Navratri begins. Make sure that you check your local newspaper for the Navratri colour listings, so that you can head out to shop and buy clothes appropriately according to the nine colours for the nine nights of Navratri.

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