Ravana – Lord Rama’s Victory Over Ravan

Ravana: Lord Rama’s Victory Over Ravan

Ravana is the most famous antagonist character of Ramayana. Lord Ram got victory over him and saved life of many people. So, Dashara festival is celebrated every year in remembrance of this large victory. People celebrate this festival with fill enthusiasm and fun all over India. It is also celebrated in some other countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

According to Ramayana, Ravana was a demon king who ruled over Lanka. He kidnapped Ram’s wife Sita and enforced her to marry him. But when she refused to do so then Ravana fought with Lord Ram for her. Rama attacked Lanka and won the battle with the help of Hanuman, Bali, Sugreev and Vaanar Sena. Rama returned to Ayodhya after releasing Sitaji from Ravan’s control. It was the victory of good over evil. People welcomed Rama by lightning clay lamps and therefore Diwali festival is celebrated every year. On this day, people wear new clothes, eat different sweets and play fireworks.

Ravana also had some good qualities. He was a supreme follower of Lord Shiva and a very knowledgeable person. He was an excellent and proficient ruler of Lanka and a genius of Veena. He was a ten-headed person and had a very thorough knowledge about 6 Upanishads and 4 Vedas. His knowledge was equivalent to knowledge of 10 scholars. But he had no control over five bodily instruments of action and five senses.

Ravana also wrote a book on Hindu astrology called as Ravan Sanhita. He has a very excellent knowledge of political science and Ayurveda. According to mythologies, he ruled over Sri Lanka from 2554 BC to 2517 BC.

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