Ayudha Puja 2013

Ayudha Puja 2013, One of the Holiest days in India

Ayudha Pooja is generally observed on ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Ashwin month. In Kerala this festival is celebrated in the Kanni month. On the other side this pooja is in Puratasi month. Ayudha puja actually means the worship of weapon. According to the Hindu religion, after defeating over Mahishasura and other demons Chamundeswari kept her weapons aside and these weapons are worshipped. This puja is being celebrated since ancient times. This is the last day of Saraswati Puja. In some state of South India this day is also known as Shastra Puja.

On Ayudha Pooja 2012 the devotees worship all the objects, tools and books that are used for making a living and ritual purification is performed. On the Day of Ayudha Puja these tools are not touched by anyone. These objects and books can only be taken only on the next day morning after rituals and pujas. The tools one can keep in this Puja depend on his or her trade like cycle, desktop, laptop, screwdriver, autorikshaw, sewing machine machine etc. nowadays no vehicles are used by the people. In west Bengal this day is known as Astra Puja and is observed on Durga Ashtami day.

On Ayudha Pooja 2013 some people and children who are associated with literature and art will also be participated to dedicated pooja and prayers to the Goddess Saraswati. In this Pooja, people avoid to touch books and other written materials. In Ayudha puja people visit many temples to dedicate all the Hindu Goddesses. It is an important part of this puja. In many homes special poojas are performed by the elders to get the blessing of Goddess. This is the puja in which all the devotees worship the Goddess with utmost solemnity and devotion.

Ayudha Puja 2013 Date:  Sunday, 13 October