Chitragupta Puja 2013 in India

Chitragupta Puja 2013

Chitragupta Puja is performed in some parts of North India, and by a selected few communities like the Kayastha caste. Chitragupta Puja is held on the second day of the after Diwali. Chitragupta Puja is also known as Dawat Puja (Inkpot). Lord Chitragupta therefore is always illustrated with a pen and inkpot.

Lord Chitragupta was a part of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma had created about 16 sons from different parts of his body and Lord Chitragupta was the 17th son with complete body. Lord Chitragupta maintains a record of good deeds and bad deeds of the people, and informs the Yamraj, the God of death, about all the good and bad done by the person, after the person dies and reaches Yamlok.

The Hindu religion believes in renaissance and the concept of re-birth happens with those who fail to strike balance between their good deeds and bad deeds, so that they can complete the cycle of life. The main duty of Lord Chitragupta was to keep a record of the life of all the living beings, and decide based on these records if the person will attain a re-birth or paradise.

On the day of Chitragupta Puja or Chitragupta Jayanti, the Kayasth people recognize the importance of good and bad in life. They lay special emphasis on justice, good knowledge, peace and literacy – the four qualities of Lord Chitragupta. The people on the day of Chitragupta Jayanti stop using pens and papers, and the next day worship the pen and paper.

Lord Chitragupta is then worshipped by placing his idol and sweets are offered to the idol first and then the people. The bread winner of the family makes an account of his earnings and puts it forward in front of Lord Chitragupta. The account for the following year, and the monetary requirements are all declared by the members, and each member prays to seek blessings from Lord Chitragupta.

Chitragupta Puja 2013 Date: Tuesday, 05 November

The Entire Arrangement of Chitragupta Puja

The Entire Arrangement of Chitragupta Puja

Chitragupta puja is one the famous festivals of Hindu religion. According to the Hindu mythology, the entire world was created by Lord Bramha. He first created 16 sons from various parts of his body. The 17th creation is Shree Chitragupta, created from the belly of Lord Bramha. It is believed in Hindu religion that one person has to attain re-birth in any living form after death if he or she do not make a balance between good-deeds and misdoing. The duty of Shree Chitragupta is to create a log of every living being. Depending on their good deeds and misdoing he decides whether they have to attain Nirvana or redemption from mundane troubles or receive tough punishment for their misdoing.

In Chitragupta puja you should have to arrange all the things that are required. The main items of this particular puja are Ganga water, ink, pen, paper, sugar, paan, camphour;/kapoor, til, sandalwood paste, puja platform, plate made of leaves, yellow mustard, honey, cotton, unbroken rice, gulal, panchpatra, seasonal fruits milk, puja clothes, sweets, youghart, dhoop, betul nut, keasar, tulsi leaves, brass katora, match box, deep and frankincense. The puja of Shree Chitragupta cannot be completed without each of these items. It is really important to go for arranging all these items before starting the puja.

You should be well-known about the process of Chitragupta Puja. Clean the puja room first and bath Shree Chitragupta ji’s photo idol with water and then with panchamitra. Go for making a panchamitra with five ingredients of milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar. Place snacks, few mithais and some fruits as a prashad. Place sindoor, abir, flowers, haldi in front of the idol. Light the lamp, filled with ghee and agarbatti. Read the book of Chitragupta puja. After reading the book, go for performing aarti properly.