Dhanteras 2013, A Famous Hindu Festival in India

Dhanteras 2013, A Famous Hindu Festival in India

Diwali also popularly known as festival of lights is one of the most cherished festival which is celebrated in the month of November every year. The celebrations of Diwali festival starts with Dhanteras also popularly known as Dhantradashi. As per ancient legends God Dhanvantari was incarnated at the time of churning of ocean by all the God’s and demons, hence that day is considered as auspicious for purchasing gold and silver ornaments and utensils.

Dhanteras is also considered as festivals of lights and holds a major significance among businessmen. All the businessmen organizes a pooja for goddess Laxmi ‘the goddess of wealth’ on this same auspicious day. The whole area may it be house or office is totally lit up with lights or diyas or even traditional lamps to welcomes goddess Laxmi. Women’s in the house decorate their house and outside area with fancy rangolis and a Diwali lamp also known as ‘kandil’ is lit up outside the window or the door to show the happiness.

In the early morning sacred bath is carried for all the family members with performing an aarti in front of them while bathing. They are also fed with sweets and special food is prepared for this day. Dhanteras is considered as very auspicious day for purchasing gold and silver ornaments. It is also considered very lucky and most of the people prefer purchasing new car or house or even start a new business on this auspicious day. Most of the malls and even retailers offer discounts and sale for various products on this day. Also many people distribute Dhanteras gifts and sweets to relatives and loved ones so as to celebrate the festival with everyone. Dhanteras is one of the most cherished festivals in India where all the people poor or rich celebrate it with all their heart.

Dhanteras 2013 Date: 01 November, Friday

Dhanteras Puja Time in 2013

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