Navratri 2013 | Navratri Festival in India

Navaratri Festival 2013, Celebrated with Devotion in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Navaratri Festival is celebrated in honor of goddess Shakti (Durga). It is mainly celebrated in Ahmedabad of Gujrat with gaiety and fervor. This festival is remained for nine days and it is celebrated in the nights. For this the festival is named as Navaratri. Everyday with the aarti the festive fiesta begins. The main attraction of this festival is the folk dance of Gujrat which is known as Garba. People of different ages perform the folk dance, garba before the statue of goddess Shakti. The folk dance is performed till the mid night. The dancers usually use dandiya means the long wooden sticks.

The govt. of Gujrat decorates Ahmedabad beautifully with colorful lights during this festival. On the first day farmers closely see the growing of seeds and the sprouting. On the last two days of Navaratri people pray to goddess Durga for blessing. These two days is called Mahashtami and Mahanavami. People also recite the holy text, the Devi Mahatmya to get the blessing of goddess. People of different age groups participate in the Garba and Rasa dances in the main dance performances which take place on the last night of the Navaratri Festival.

Navaratri, the Sanskrit word is the combination of two words. One is nava which means nine and the other is ‘ratri’ i.e. night. During Navaratri Festival the nine forms of goddess Shakti are worshipped throughout these nine nights. You can see that not only the Gujrati people but also the people from all over the country even people from abroad come to Gujrat to join the celebration of Navaratri. Now-a-days Dandiya-Rass dance become very popular throughout the country. It is a festival of joy and mirth eventually the festival of integrity. This is a festival of joy that signifies the victory of light over darkness and evil.

Navratri 2013 Dates:

Saturday, 5th October to Monday, 14th of October