Pola Festival 2013 in Maharashtra | Pola Amavasya 2013

Pola Festival 2013 in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a huge state, so are their fields. Steers were used for agriculture in the past and other works. So, they are one of the most useful animals to humans. Maharashtrian farmers express their gratitude to the horse for all the help the day of Pola.

The bulls are washed and decorated for a neat appearance. Farmers offer their worship and provide special food for the day. They are then taken for a procession in the city, accompanied by music and lezhim Drumbeat (a musical instrument from a wooden pole and an iron chain full of metallic pieces). Pola is the particular aspect of Hindu culture which marks for livestock.

Harvest Fair is celebrated by farmers all over Maharashtra. Today, steers, which are an integral part of the farm chores, and then the country’s economy has been satisfied. They are wet, colorful, and increase the processions around the village, accompanied by drums and music lezhim (reader of wood and iron chain full of metallic pieces). Pola brings an important part of Hindu culture, which does not appear when the bull only beasts of burden, but treats them with dignity and gratitude.

Pola festival is basically a festival that dedicated to all the cows and ox. This is done to thank them and express the farmer’s gratitude towards them for all they do for them in the fields. The day before the festival all the cows and ox that are tied with the ropes otherwise are set free and all the ropes are kept aside. The bath given to these animals is very special as it is done with turmeric and oil. This gives all the animals new look or say a refreshed look and feeling. After all this they are decorated with various ornaments and jewelry. This is to make them feel special.

Pola Festival 2013 Date: Saturday, 17 August